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    Mirth Connect Server version 3.5.1

    Data Pruner won't complete and won't stop. It says it's been running on channel 1 of 66 for 5076 minutes. If I click on the Stop Pruner button, the Mirth Connect Adminstrator stops responding. In events, I see an item "Stop pruner invoked through Data Pruner" with a green check mark, but the pruner hasn't stopped. I've resorted to restarting the mirth service. This has happened twice in the last two weeks.

    Is there anything I should look at as to why the pruner might behave this way? Is there a less invasive way to force it to stop?

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    Are you saving the files or deleting them? If you are saving them it may be an issue with the location.

    Also, check the logs, are you getting errors? Perhaps there is a really large message that the pruner is choking on.


    Mirth Certified|Epic Bridges Certified|Cloverleaf Level 2 Certified

    Appliance Version 3.11.4
    Mirth Connect Version 3.8.0
    Java Version 1.6.0_45-b06
    Java (64 bit) Version 1.6.0_45-b06
    Java 7 (64 bit) Version 1.7.0_151-b15
    Java 8 (64 bit) Version 1.8.0_181-b13
    PostgreSQL Version 9.6.8