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Complex HL7 ACK Generation

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  • Complex HL7 ACK Generation

    Hi everyone,
    I have a pipeline of channels that:
    1) listens on a tcp port for incoming HL7 messages
    2) preprocesses HL7 and create multiple copies of the same message to be sent to different destinations at step 3
    3) transforms the HL7 into JSON
    4) does some post-processing on the json
    5) sends the JSON to an HTTP server

    1 is a TCP channel / Channel Writer
    5 is a Channel Reader / HTTP client
    2, 3 and 4 are Channel Reader / Channel Writers

    I want HL7 ACKs to be generated according to the response from HTTP server at step 5: please be aware that for each input HL7 message that enters, multiple output messages have been created.

    How can I do?

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    ACKs can be generated from anything you need. You can create a "response" destination and make the channel respond from that destination in the Source settings.

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      First, you can directly process the ACK from destination 5 by setting that under source > Source setting > Response (dropdown).

      After that you can set up multiple destinations and on the destination configuration section, you should select "Wait for previous destination" you can process the response received by the previous destination (JSON) before sending it to HTTP client.