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Unable to connect to Mirth Administrator via Web Browser

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  • Unable to connect to Mirth Administrator via Web Browser

    From Azure (virtual machine) we connect to a Linux server via the Putty Terminal.

    In the Linux server, we are able to start the Mirthconnect service (version 3.8.0).

    We have a vpn tunnel to the Linux server and are allowing traffic to the appropriate IPs and ports. Additionally, we have security policies in place to allow the same IPs and ports through the firewall.

    When trying to launch Mirth Administrator from the web browser on Azure, we have tried localhost: port (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED) and ip: port (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT).

    The company hosting the Linux server can connect without a problem.

    Any ideas what to try next? ** Side note: We are new to Mirth, and networking is not our forte.

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    Depending on the flavor of Linux, could be a software firewall (eg iptables) on the Linux box, or could be SELinux not allowing Mirth to grab the port. Step one is to make sure all the firewalls are off (for testing) and disable SELinux (for testing)

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      Thanks to Jack (jackwhaines), we were able to resolve our issue. He helped us sort out which IP to use, among other things. Gave us a great overview of Mirth and how to deploy and troubleshoot the channel.

      HIGHLY RECOMMEND! He is a patient and knowledgeable resource!