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Mirth API Swagger 'optional'?

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  • Mirth API Swagger 'optional'?

    All the fields in the model are listed as optional, but it seems if I leave any of them out, the API returns 500 (and seems to log NullPointerExceptions on the back end).

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    Even though swagger shows examples in javascript, the server expects xml. You'll notice that the parameter content type drop down only allows you to select "application/xml."

    If you GET /channels, the xml returned is in the same format that your POST body needs to be.


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      Yeah, I figured that out.

      So would it be reasonable for the Swagger definitions be fixed so that it is defining all those fields as required instead of optional (assuming that they are all indeed required)? It looks like the current definitions are incomplete otherwise.

      I've also had some errors raised when I try to import the swagger.json file into some other systems (implying that there's some incorrect or missing values)