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  • HTTP Sender does nothing


    I am in a test phase for a channel setup. I have a source connector of JavaScript Reader that has a mundane useless variable just to trigger the polling. I have an HTTP sender with a GET to a public URL designed for API's and learning about API's, so nothing is confidential or anything of the sort. The imported cert are fine, everything looks like it should be working. On the dashboard the channel connection log goes from reading to idle as you'd expect for in between the poll intervals. The HTTP Sender destination should do something but nothing happens... No error, no nothing. I set up a second destination as a nowhere channel writer just to see any output, but nothing happens.

    The ultimate goal is to have Mirth perform a GET to a URL, then take that data and write to another destination SQL writer... but before I can do any of that, I have to prove that I can do a simple GET from a URL...

    I'm not proficient in JS or API... I do have lots of help where I am with my team coworkers.. but hoping someone here in the community can assist.

    Thank you.

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    Paste some screenshots. Your current post is like saying "my car won't start".

    I'd post your source side and destination connector screenshots.
    Mirth 3.8.0 / PostgreSQL 11 / Ubuntu 18.04
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      So the original issue was resolved, I had a few configuration issues. I now get a desired response in this test channel / destination. But now I am running into another issue for which I am having a new "new guy blunder" configuration dilemma.

      The typical way the flow works is source sends to each destination a message and that destination process it.

      However, I am trying to configure my channel in a way, that the top destination performs an API "GET" using the HTTP Sender connector type, then the next destination takes that first destinations response and processes it. And this daisy chain should be repeatable as many times as needed...

      So instead of destination 2 getting a message from the source connector, I want destination 2 to receive the message from the response portion of the message from destination 1 and process it another way such as file writing.

      I am positive I can do this, but have forgotten how... or am having trouble looking for the solution...

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