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File Reader on network share issues

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  • File Reader on network share issues

    Has anyone had any issues with a file reader channel trying to read files from a network share on a windows domain?

    I'm using Mirth 3.8 with java 8 update 221.

    I have a windows 10 workstation with a shared directory.
    I have set the share permissions so that a domain account (MYDOMAIN\TESTUSER) and everyone have full control.
    I have set permissions on the directory so that a domain account (MYDOMAIN\TESTUSER) and everyone have full control.

    I am running mirth from a windows server 2016 server.
    I set the mirth service to run as MYDOMAIN\TESTUSER

    The "Test Read" button" returns "Successfully connected to //myworkstation/myshare". The channel is set to pull every 10 seconds. I drop a file into the directory and mirth never picks it up.
    In the server log tab of the dashboard, I get an error "[2019-09-11 12:19:45,874] ERROR (Server:143): Kerberos username [TESTUSER]: " I don't see anything in the log files that correlate to this error.

    I stop the mirth service, which never completes. I end up terminating the mirth related processes.

    I set the mirth service to run as "Local System Account" then restart the service. Mirth now picks up files in the share.

    It would appear that local system account has more rights to my shared directory than the domain user, even though I've granted the domain user full control. What is happening here?
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    looks like this is the work around

    Wayne Huang (Inactive) added a comment - 30/Jan/15 6:44 PM - edited
    With MIRTH-3599, we will provide a way for users to specify their own parameters into the JSCH session config on a per connector basis.

    This issue appears to only affect Java 7 (and higher probably). See for more information

    In the meantime, a workaround is to add the following code into the global deploy script."Preferred Authentications", "publickey,keyboard-interactive,password");
    This will apply the config changes globally for all SFTP connectors.


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      the thread you referenced is talking about stft, are you suggesting it also applies to the file reader?