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Interfacing chemistry analyzer with tcp listener

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  • Interfacing chemistry analyzer with tcp listener

    I have developed an App that connects my LIS to analyzer Mindray BS-230 using hl7 protocol via TCP. Everything worked correctly, the results are received from the analyzer and the requests of test are sent successfully to my LIS. But the only problem is when sending the message back to analyzer via tcp sender destination I didn't know the port of the analyzer. Did any possible way to send message to the analyzer other than tcp sender or did possible to send back via remote port.

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    If this information isn't in the device manual, I'd contact the vendor to ask.


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      I have the same issue...with a different analyser CLC-6410

      The manufacturer is saying that the same port that connects to the source is the one that would receive the messages. However that port changes each time I reconnect the instrument after a powerdown or maintenance.

      So I dont know how to address it from a TCP Sender.

      I dont think that sending to channel would actually send it to the instrument, so how do I send to the same address when that address is dynamic - I thnik that is same issue he is seeing on the Mindray but I might be wrong.

      Thank you,


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        It probably is the same issue, and related to this thread.

        I don't know of any examples on how to implement a solution.