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Error: Timeout waiting for response

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  • Error: Timeout waiting for response

    Hi, I created a very basic channel (attached) that reads an HL7 file (also attached) from a directory and sends it to an xinetd program that receives the file from stdin and writes an ack to stdout, just that.

    The channel destination's is a TCP Sender using MLLP as transmission mode, every seems to be working, but the response from my program is not reveived by the TCP Sender.

    If instead of using this channel I simply send the file using netcat and pipe the response to xxd I get this:

    nc 6660 < test.hl7 |xxd
    00000000: 0b4d 5348 7c5e 7e5c 267c 494e 4e4f 5641  .MSH|^~\&|INNOVA
    00000010: 7c7c 494d 5041 4353 7c7c 3230 3139 3037  ||IMPACS||201907
    00000020: 3036 3137 3036 3535 7c7c 4f52 4d5e 4f30  06170655||ORM^O0
    00000030: 317c 7c50 7c32 2e33 7c7c 7c4e 457c 414c  1||P|2.3|||NE|AL
    00000040: 7c41 5247 7c7c 7c7c 7c7c 7c7c 7c0d 4d53  |ARG|||||||||.MS
    00000050: 417c 4141 7c32 3031 3930 3730 3532 3032  A|AA|20190705202
    00000060: 3932 3533 3835 7c4f 4b7c 7c7c 7c7c 7c1c  925385|OK||||||.
    00000070: 0d
    As you can see, the first character in the response is 0B and the last couple are 1C and 0D, as configured in the MLLP Settings of the destination channel.

    The question is, why my TCP sender never gets a response and stops with this error:

    TCP Sender error
    ERROR MESSAGE: Timeout waiting for response: Read timed out Read timed out
    	at Method)
    	at Source)
    	at Source)
    	at Source)
    	at Source)
    	at Source)
    BTW, the xinetd program answers instantly, so is not a matter of increasing the timeout (as default 5 seconds).

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