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  • Http-https

    I use a HTTP Sender to connect to a Rest, that run in HTTPS. I don't have the SSL Manager plugin, but I have seen that STUNNEL is usually used, so I install stunnel in the server where runs mirth. I saw that it can be done in stunnel.conf.

    I try this but it doesn't work.

    client = yes
    accept = ip_server_mirth:80
    connect = ip_rest:443
    cert = stunnel.pem

    How can I do? Or is there another way to do this?
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    Hi All,
    I am at same point as Mirthvu14, I can't establish a connection to HTTPS API Rest, but in my case I have tried Stunnel and Nginx unsuccesfully. I am still looking for a different software to try this connection.
    Please, could someone help us with the right steps to accomplish them?
    In our environment we have the following configuration:

    -SO: Windows server 2012
    -Mirth Version 3.4.2
    -Java 7

    Mirth (HTTP SENDER) --> HTTP request to third party software --> HTTPS REST

    Many Thanks


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      in my case a have created a jar resource in NetBeans where i code in Java and perform the connection needed to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
      I compile it and consume it in Mirth Custom Resources.

      Hope it helps

      Best Regards
      Best Regards,
      Alex Neiva


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        Originally posted by AlexNeiva View Post
        Hope it helps
        It'd be more helpful if you could share your NB project .. can you do it please?


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          HTTP sender can connect to HTTPS web server without a plugin with the following stipulations:
          • The remote certificate must be trusted in your system trust store, which may require action if the certificate is self-signed or the server doesn't provide the entire certificate chain.
          • The server doesn't require you to send a client certificate for authentication.