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User Authorization plugin : "Export messages to server" permission

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  • User Authorization plugin : "Export messages to server" permission

    Hi all,
    We are using the User Authorization plug-in.

    We would like to remove the right to export messages for a specific role.
    There's a permission "Export messages to server" : but even after removing this permission, the user is still able to perform an export of messages.

    Is it a bug or is it depending on another permission ?

    Tx a lot !

    [EDIT] : tested with Mirth 3.7.0 version

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    I don't have the User Auth plugin, but the client has two export options. One is to export to a folder on the server's filesystem (which is probably what the permission is meant to block.) The other is to export to the filesystem local to where the client is running, and that is performed entirely on the client side. Basically if the user has permission to view the messages, there is no way to prevent them from exporting locally. Even if you were to block the Administrator client application itself from doing it, users could use the Client API to get around it.