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File Writer slow to write first Message/Can it be poked?

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  • File Writer slow to write first Message/Can it be poked?

    I have a 2-channel system, where the first channel reads data from a DB, formats it, and sends the formatted data to a 2nd channel. This second channel has 2 File Writer destinations. The first destination just writes the Header Row for the output. The second destination writes out each message from the source after validation and formatting.

    The 2nd channel waits what seems to me like a very long time to write out the header and first message. This morning, for example, the 1st channel produced about 15,000 of 200,000+ messages, and ran for 9 minutes, before the 2nd channel wrote out its first record. Mirth Administrator shows the first of these early 15K mesages as "SENT" by the File Writer destinations in the 2nd channel within a second of being produced in the 1st channel, but the output file did not appear for 9 minutes, and the statistics on the Dashboard did not start counting up for the 2nd channel, until after the 9 minutes it took the file to appear.

    QUESTION: Is there a way to prod the 2nd channel, the one that writes out to the file, into commencing to write immediately when it receives a message from the first channel?

    For longer batches, like the 200K+ batch today, a 9 minute wait added to 4 hours of processing is not terrible, but I have this same sort of delay when there are under 10 messages to process. In that case where the whole run should take about 5 seconds, it takes minutes for the file to appear and for the statistics to be acknowledged in the Dashboard.

    We are running Mirth v. on CentOS Linux.