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  • Mirth Treat Dicom Rejections As Sent -

    Hi all,

    Having some issues here that im hoping someone can shed some light on.

    Im using mirth as a dicom router to route messages to another dicom receiver based on the source AE title. However on occasion there might be a typo in the Ae title or whatever and the message will get rejected at the destination. Generally this doesnt happen but on occasion it has. When 1500 or images get rejected mirth ends up filling up the database table and subsequent messages are not processed .

    I dont care about these reject transfers and do not want mirth to store them in the database , however that doesnt seem possible. If the destination dicom receiver rejects the message the destination status is ERROR no matter what i sent in the response transformer or the postprocessor script.

    In my post processor i've tried setting
    responseMap.put("Destination 1", ResponseFactory.getSentResponse("sent"));
    responseMap.put('d1', ResponseFactory.getSentResponse('sent'))

    In my destination transformer i've tried the following
    responseStatus = SENT;
    responseMap.put("d1", ResponseFactory.getSentResponse("Message Sent to Lab"));
    return SENT;
    Using mirth 3.6.0

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    in your response transformer, all you should need is
    responseStatus = SENT;
    Set your response transformer data types to Raw. If there isn't actually a response message to process, then the response transformer won't run unless the inbound type is Raw. I don't know if a DICOM sender normally returns a response that you can process, but few if any connectors will produce a response message in an error situation.