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Problems with PDFBOX and merges

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  • Problems with PDFBOX and merges

    Good afternoon
    Currently using PDFBOX to merge PDFs and due to the nature these PDFs are created - I am seeing errors when merging with a corresponding report in Mirth. This error is frequently popping up - Wrapped Error: Expected a long type at offset 203061

    This is the code I am using for my channel

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    Not sure what that issue is, but I recently put together a little proof-of-concept where I had to merge two PDF's myself that I got working. Maybe the following will help you/lead you to your solution. Unfortunately, this board will not let me past in my code for some reason, so ill have to screenshot it

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      Thanks for that - it didn't let me post my code earlier but that is exactly what I have. At this point I'm beginning to think it doesn't like one of the PDFs. Don't suppose you know if there is a way to validate a PDF or even change the version using PDFBOX? Checked the forums but nothing so far has been visible.


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        Would iText allow for PDF merging? PDFBOX doesnt seem to like the PDFs - I imagine Mirth would have more than one way for accomplishing this?


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          Looking at the error in Google, it seems to indicate an issue with the PDF possibly, such as it being malformed, etc.


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            Had a check - both PDFs are viewable in Acrobat. Its odd. I have switched to itext to see if I can merge the PDFs this way instead.


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              Just curious, I have never merged pdf's but what is the goal here with the merge?
              Eg. I have 2 PDF's each with 1 page each, and I merge them so I get a new PDF with 2 pages, is that what it means?
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                siddharth, yes. Perhaps the better word is "join" or "append" rather than merge.

                I use pdftk for that at the command line, so much faster. Then have mirth pick up the files post join.

                pdftk 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf cat output joined.pdf
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