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Memory leak in the Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher?

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  • Memory leak in the Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher?

    Using the Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher for quite a while now and we see that the client uses much more memory when started from the Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher in contrast to the jp2launcher of yore. Often this is double the memory usage: 400mb vs 800mb. Could there be a memory leak?

    Additionally, a lot of times it takes a very long time to load the client from a specific address. Anyone knows how to speed this up? I’m talking minutes and eventually it does come through...

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    This came up in Slack.

    A memory leak would manifest as increasing memory usage. The app would use more and more memory over time and eventually use up its maximum allocated heap.

    I am running on MacOS 10.14.3 and a Launcher instance which has been running for about 18 hours is using 600MB of memory but only about 128MB of real memory. I have at least 20 MC instances stored in it.

    The application package on the MacOS release appears to have a max heap of 512MB. I'd be curious if that Xmx setting is simply a default thats a little high for the app. I would not change that setting unless you're willing to accept the consequences, too little memory might lead to crashes.
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