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why messages are in queue?

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  • why messages are in queue?

    Hi all
    mirth version :
    I have a channel HL7-ADT v2.3.1 :

    Source : Channel Reader
    No filter. Transfo : change of the receiving application et facility names
    Destination : TCPsender
    queue message : always / Rotate -interval 2000000ms
    transmission mode : TCP mode server
    keep connection open : Y / check remote host : N
    send and response time out : 5000ms
    queue on response timeout : Y
    Datatype : text
    encoding : default
    template : $(message.encodedData)

    The first message sent has been received ok by the remote host. But then all the following messages go to queue. What kind of tests can I do to check what is going wrong has I have no informations of why the messages are in queue. Or are some parameters wrong from my side?
    thanks in advance

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    Can you repoint to a temporary receiver like Interface Explorer? Good way to test to see if it is on the Mirth side or the vendor side.
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