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Help limit mirth from pulling 1 file in at a time

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  • Help limit mirth from pulling 1 file in at a time

    Hello fellow mirth users,

    Currently, I'm interning for my company that uses mirth and I've been assigned what seems like a simple task that I might just be missing something. I have looked all over the forums for a couple days and can't seem to find someone talking about it (maybe cause it's not business realistic).

    Currently there using a java.lang.Thread.sleep(); message to delay files from getting to the destination from mirth and that works great, however, they want to limit the amount of files mirth is grabbing. At the moment it just grabs everything in the source directory.

    I created a test lab channel called input1 output1 where I would have 5 example files in an input folder. I want the channel to pull 1 file from that input folder every 10 seconds, for example, then do its thing, then output that 1 file to the output folder. At the moment I have it doing the last part but the first part it's pulling all 5 at once and I want to be able to limit it (for potential throttle issue reasons down the road).

    let me know what you all think. Thank you also for your time!
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