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How to dynamically control repeat fields on output template, tmp? (RESOLVED)

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  • How to dynamically control repeat fields on output template, tmp? (RESOLVED)

    I'm using Mirth 3.11.0

    I am converting ORUs to MDMs. I have the template for the MDM message as the following:
    PV1|1||||||^^^|^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^|^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^|||| ||||^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^|
    TXA|1||||||||^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^||||||||F||||||^^^~^^^ ~^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^|

    As you can see, I have multiple components defined on some of the fields. Mostly the Provider fields like PV1.8 and PV1.9 and so on.
    When I attempt to access a tmp iteration that is not shown in the template, it issues an error:
    597: // PV1.9 can be a repeating field, so need to account for that
    598: for (i=0;i<msg['PV1']['PV1.9'].length();i++)
    599: {
    600: tmp['PV1']['PV1.9'][i]['PV1.9.1'] = validate(msg['PV1']['PV1.9'][i]['PV1.9.1'].toString(), '', new Array());
    601: tmp['PV1']['PV1.9'][i]['PV1.9.2'] = validate(msg['PV1']['PV1.9'][i]['PV1.9.2'].toString(), '', new Array());
    602: tmp['PV1']['PV1.9'][i]['PV1.9.3'] = validate(msg['PV1']['PV1.9'][i]['PV1.9.3'].toString(), '', new Array());
    603: tmp['PV1']['PV1.9'][i]['PV1.9.4'] = validate(msg['PV1']['PV1.9'][i]['PV1.9.4'].toString(), '', new Array());
    604: }
    LINE NUMBER: 600
    DETAILS: TypeError: Cannot set property "PV1.9.1" of
    undefined to "1407019037"

    In this case with PV1.9, the source message has 5 providers listed and I only have 4 in my template. It dies on the 5th entry.

    How can I dynamically generate repeats on the template?

    I have code in place that will generate a new OBX when needed. But, I have not found anyone in the forum that is talking about expanding repeating components in a field.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You have to build them on the fly.

    In your loop you will do something like this (FT1.19 example here)

    var newFT1 = new XML("<FT1.19/>");
    newFT1['FT1.19.1'] = <your array of values whatver they are>.toString()
    tmp['FT1'][<whatever this array index variable is>]['FT1.19'] += newFT1;

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      Here is my loop code for loading:
      for (i=0;i<msg['PV1']['PV1.52'].length();i++)
      logger.error('PV1.52 entry ' + i + ': ' + msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.1'].toString());
      var newTXA9 = new XML('<TXA.9/>');
      newTXA9['TXA.9.1'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.1'].toString();
      newTXA9['TXA.9.2'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.2'].toString();
      newTXA9['TXA.9.3'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.3'].toString();
      newTXA9['TXA.9.4'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.4'].toString();
      logger.error('TXA9 loaded: ' + newTXA9);
      tmp['TXA'][i]['TXA.9'] += newTXA9;
      logger.error('each entry: ' + newTXA9);

      //tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.1'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.1'].toString();
      //tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.2'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.2'].toString();
      //tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.3'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.3'].toString();
      //tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.4'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.4'].toString();
      This is what is output in the logger stmts:
      ERROR (transformer:?): TXA9 loaded: <TXA.9><TXA.9.1>123457</TXA.9.1><TXA.9.2>SMITH</TXA.9.2><TXA.9.3>FRED</TXA.9.3><TXA.9.4/></TXA.9>
      ERROR (transformer:?): PV1.52 entry 1: 123457
      ERROR (transformer:?): each entry: <TXA.9><TXA.9.1>123456</TXA.9.1><TXA.9.2>SMITH</TXA.9.2><TXA.9.3>JOE</TXA.9.3><TXA.9.4/></TXA.9>
      ERROR (transformer:?): TXA9 loaded: <TXA.9><TXA.9.1>123456</TXA.9.1><TXA.9.2>SMITH</TXA.9.2><TXA.9.3>JOE</TXA.9.3><TXA.9.4/></TXA.9>
      ERROR (transformer:?): PV1.52 entry 0: 123456

      Here is the error I'm getting (fyi...I have 4 repeat entries in the PV1.52 field)
      756: newTXA9['TXA.9.1'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.1'].toString();
      757: newTXA9['TXA.9.2'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.2'].toString();
      758: newTXA9['TXA.9.3'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.3'].toString();
      759: newTXA9['TXA.9.4'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.4'].toString();
      760: logger.error('TXA9 loaded: ' + newTXA9);
      761: tmp['TXA'][i]['TXA.9'] += newTXA9;
      762: logger.error('each entry: ' + newTXA9);
      763: //tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.1'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.1'].toString();
      764: //tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.2'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.2'].toString();
      765: //tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.3'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.52'][i]['PV1.52.3'].toString();

      LINE NUMBER: 761
      DETAILS: TypeError: Cannot read property "TXA.9" from undefined

      What am I missing?


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        Post a before and after message. I don’t understand what you are doing.
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          What I'm wanting to do is to eliminate the need for the defined iterations in the template, such as TXA.9 from ^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^ to just one iteration ^^^.

          Input Message OBR Segment

          PV1|1|O|DS||||123458^SMITH^TIM^^^^^ALL_PP_MASTER|| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||123456^ SMITH^JOE^^^^^ALL_PP_MASTER~123457^SMITH^FRED^^^^^ ALL_PP_MASTER~123458^SMITH^TIM^^^^^ALL_PP_MASTER~1 23459^SMITH^ZEEK^^^^^ALL_PP_MASTER|
          OBR|1||991751^ALL_TRANS_C^991751|TN^Endoscopy Report^D4D^GI-ENDO^Transcription^ALL_TRANS_C||202109240841|20210 9240810||||||||||||||||||F||^^^^^|||||123458^SMITH ^TIM^^^^^ALL_PP_MASTER|||||||^|

          Outbound Message Template
          PV1|1||||||^^^|^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^|^^^||||||||^^^~^^^~ ^^^~^^^|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||^^^~^^^~ ^^^~^^^|
          TXA|1||||||||^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^||||||||F||||||^^^~^^^ ~^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^~^^^|

          Expected output TXA Segment
          TXA|1|Diagnostics||202109240810|||202109240810||12 3456^SMITH^JOE^~123457^SMITH^FRED^~123458^SMITH^TI M^~123459^SMITH^ZEEK^|||991751||||Endoscopy Report|F|||||||
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            I probably would not iterate like that if just "moving" providers around.

            e.g. up PV1.7 into PV1.9. You need the renameField function from

            tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'] = renameField(msg['PV1']['PV1.7'], 'TXA.9')

            and so on.
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              Pacmano, Thanks for your assistance. This worked very well.
              I now have a small issue. The field I am renaming, PV1.52, has 4 iterations. All of them are "moved" to TXA.9, but each iteration contains 8 components. The receiver of the message only wants the first 4 components. I have the following code in place to cut back to just the first 4 components, but it is not working. Do you see a flaw in the code? I have a version of this code that works nicely applied to the msg. Is the issue related to working with the tmp?
              // map the Originator PV1-52.1-8 to TXA-9.1-8
              tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'] = renameField(msg['PV1']['PV1.52'], 'TXA.9');

              // Loop through TXA.9 to clear out unwanted subcomponents
              for (i=0;i<msg['TXA']['TXA.9'].length();i++)
              // save txa 9 field values to reload later
              var txa9_1 = tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.1'].toString();
              var txa9_2 = tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.2'].toString();
              var txa9_3 = tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.3'].toString();
              var txa9_4 = tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.4'].toString();
              // remove the subcomponents not wanted on output - per Goshen Physicians
              for each (var txa9 in tmp.TXA['TXA.9'][i]) {
              var keepers = new XMLList();
              for (var k = 1; k <= 4 ; k++) {
              keepers += txa9['TXA.9.' + k];
              // reload values for TXA.9
              tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.1'] = txa9_1;
              tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.2'] = txa9_2;
              tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.3'] = txa9_3;
              tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'][i]['TXA.9.4'] = txa9_4;


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                tmp['TXA']['TXA.9'] = renameField(msg['PV1']['PV1.52'], 'TXA.9');

                Do check that though, I am sort of half paying attention to stuff today
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                  That worked perfectly. Thanks for all your help.