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Best methodology to update mirth libraries and channels to source control

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  • Best methodology to update mirth libraries and channels to source control

    We are currently using Mirth Connect for our data transformation from HL7 to FHIR and vice versa . Multiple developers are working on the implementation updating the code templates and channels simultaneously. We are trying to figure out best approach to add the libraries containing changed/added code templates and add the updated/changed channels.
    We are currently following this methodology.
    1) The developer who wants to make changes to any code template will first get the latest all_libraries.xml from the source control.
    2) Then he/she will import the channels that requires update.

    After the changes are done both the all_libraries.xml and the channel.xml are checked-in.
    There are 2 problems with this approach
    1) simultanously multiple developers cannot create PRs for the all_libraries.xml since it will be difficult to merge their changes to the base file (esp if the changes are to the same code template)
    2) Even if no changes are required in the libraries ,but only channel configuration needs to be changed , still the latest all_libraries.xml has to be first retrieved from source control . Otherwise while exporting the channel.xml it will also export all the libraries that may be old and may be merged with the latest libraries .

    I think the 2) problem can be mitigated by just exporting the channel.xml without the dependent libraries . But is it a good solution ? Can it create issues ?

    Also please let us know if there is any better methodology of managing the source control for the mirth configurations .