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Mirth REST API - not processing the message to the next channel

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  • Mirth REST API - not processing the message to the next channel

    I am using Mirth 3.4.2.
    Have a simple channel, that has a Source listener and sends it to subsequent Channel Writer.
    Posted a HL7 message against Mirth channel using Swagger end point (POST channels/channelId/messages), got a 204 response.

    When I look at dashboard, I only see that the message against Source Connector, but it does not get sent to the Destination.
    No other errors I see as well.
    Only when I open the message on Dashboard and reprocess, it goes to the Destination channel.

    Attaching the screen shot of the dashboard for review. What must be stopping the message from sending to the Destination when posting via API?

    Santosh Jami
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    I am having this exact issue as well

    Were you ever able to figure it out?


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      Can you post a screenshot of your source listener?
      Mirth 3.8.0 / PostgreSQL 11 / Ubuntu 18.04
      Diridium Technologies, Inc.


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        I believe you have to specify the destinationMetaDataId for each destination that you want to process when posting a message this way. This is the equivalent of clicking the Send Message button in the message browser. The GUI will select all destinations for you by default, but allows you to deselect them before submitting the message.

        Not sure how you have your source currently set up, but you probably want to be using an http listener, and post messages directly to the channel (which won't require a mirth admin user) rather than through the Client API.