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  • Email alert encoding


    I'm sending e-mail alerts in response transformer. However, special characters such as ä,ö,å, are being displayed as ? in the e-mail. How can I set the encoding of alerts to say UTF-8 ?

    alerts.sendAlert seems to take only one parameter..

    Thank you!

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    The issue is not when calling alerts.sendAlert. The way the alerts themselves work is to use the system default charset when sending emails. There doesn't look to be any way to change this. So, likely you are running mirth on windows, because I think UTF-8 is the default on linux and mac.

    Since you are manually generating the alerts, you could just directly send the emails. From the User API, you can do
    var conn = SMTPConnectionFactory.createSMTPConnection();
    That returns a SMTPConnection object with multiple send methods. The Alerts obtain a connection the same way, but end up calling this method instead of the one that allows you to specify a charset.


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      agermano, thanks for your response.

      Actually we are using linux, and we had a problem with the unix locales.
      So we just set locales to be utf8 / language we wanted to use and now the characters are displayed correctly in the email alerts.