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Arraylist.contains not working.

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  • Arraylist.contains not working.

    I've been trying to use the contains function on an arrayList that contains objects. Will that not work with an object?

       //Provider Object constructor
    function provider(npi,org,seg,lname,fname)
    this.NPI = npi;
    this.ORG = org;
    this.SEG = seg
    this.LNAME = lname;
    this.FNAME = fname;
    for(j = msg['OBR'][i]['OBR.16'].length()-1;j>=0;j--)
    if(msg['OBR'][i]['OBR.16'][j]['OBR.16.1'].toString() != '')
    id = msg['OBR'][i]['OBR.16'][j]['OBR.16.1'].toString();
    lname = msg['OBR'][i]['OBR.16'][j]['OBR.16.2'].toString();
    fname = msg['OBR'][i]['OBR.16'][j]['OBR.16.3'].toString();
    var objProv = getNPI(id,'OBR16',lname,fname);
    I can see items in the provLIst but it still puts in duplicates. Guess I'm not clear what contains() actually checks. Each property of the objects?

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    Not sure the need for array list but that code didn't validate for me.

    By chance, if it's just a need to load an array w/objects then retrieve specific array element(s) by keying on object properties, a basic array and the use of array prototypes may be an option.
    var objArr = [{NPI:123,ORG:'ORG1',SEG:'SEG1',lname:'JOHN',fname:'DOCTOR'},{NPI:321,ORG:'ORG2',SEG:'SEG2',lname:'NANCY',fname:'NURSE'}]
    $c('objNurse',objArr.find(obj => obj.NPI == 321))
    $c('objDoctor',objArr.find(obj => obj.fname == 'DOCTOR'))
    Hope this helps!
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      The javadoc explains how List.contains works.

      boolean contains(Object o)

      Returns true if this list contains the specified element. More formally, returns true if and only if this list contains at least one element e such that (o==null ? e==null : o.equals(e)).
      When you compare two javascript object references to each other, they are never equal unless they point to the same object (i.e., changing a property of one object also affects the other.)

      I would follow jkrebs suggestion and use a javascript array instead of a java ArrayList. This will give you a lot more control.