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  • Firewall DMZ port


    We are experiencing an issue of connecting to the Mirth GUI after placing the server in the DMZ zone on the firewall. Here are a few observation points that we'd seen:

    1. The service is still running and operational receiving client data.
    2. We are not able to connect to the server via Java GUI from the inside network. This will work as soon as you restarting the service but will stall after some time.
    3. There is no log on the server because the service is still running and working, it's just we (the admin) cannot login and manage the data.

    Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot this issue?


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    MC uses ports 8080 (for the unsecured HTTP client download and port 8443 (for the HTTPS calls between the client and the server). Are those ports open and accessible?
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      Thanks for the response. Yes, these 2 ports are open. We generally can connect after the service is restarted but after sometime we will not able to connect. we are not sure about when either because we generally check the next day and we cannot log in.