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How to access Azure key vault to get the access token using Mirth.

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  • How to access Azure key vault to get the access token using Mirth.

    Hi All,

    Can someone please help me to find out a way to access Azure key vault for getting the access token using Mirth then further use it to put the file in blob storage. I was able to upload the file after hard coding the key in channel itself, but because of security reason we are going to use azure key vault for access token. I cant find out any resource which is helpful for me this time.

    Thanks in advance!

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    So no one has worked on this stuff.


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      Are you using the Java API? You might want to look for Java examples. It usually isn't that hard to translate Java examples to Javascript for mirth.

      Another option would be to put the key in the configurationMap instead of hard-coding it in the channel.


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        Hi Agermano,

        Thanks for your response, I tried to gather some info about MSI and found that there in no need of using a key if the MSI is enabled on VM where mirth is installed and from where we are trying to make a request to access azure blob. When we make a request to cloud it will provide us a token which can be used to access the Blob storage. This is what I understand so far. Correct me if I am wrong.
        At this point the place where I am stuck is that I found the reference in .Net but couldn't find Java related stuff. Also I am not very good in java as not a java resource.
        As of now I using the same approach as you mentioned, putting the key in configurationMap and using it so the project work can move forward but next phase would be to use MSI. This is the reason I am trying to find a efficient way to do it.