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Status from Queued to Sent, destination retry problem

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  • Status from Queued to Sent, destination retry problem


    I have a channel with two TCP Sender destinations and I filtered second destination according to first destination's status. (Wait previous destination box is clicked).

    Let's say first destination is d1 and second dest. is d2;

    When d1 successfully sent then d2 processing, ...OK
    When d1 status is ERROR then d2 status become FILTERED, ...OK
    WHEN d1 status is QUEUED then d2 status is FILTERED but after queued status, when d1 become SENT, d2 is never processing, d2 stays filtered. ...NOT OK

    According to these situations,
    I need to make d2 QUEUED if d1 is QUEUED.
    how can I reprocess d2, after d1 status changed from QUEUED to SENT?

    Thanks in advance, I really very appreciate for your helps/answers.
    Yavuz Selim Demiryılmaz
    Computer Engineer @imageRAD

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    You could split your channel into 2 with 1 destination each.

    The message would go to the first channel.

    In its destination's response transformer you can check for SENT and only then use router.routeMessage to send the message to the second channel


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      I wanted to make it in one channel but your idea is working very well

      Thank you very much schillert
      Yavuz Selim Demiryılmaz
      Computer Engineer @imageRAD