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Administrator Launcher 1.2.0 - stucks 5 Mintues at "verifying lib: ..."

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  • Administrator Launcher 1.2.0 - stucks 5 Mintues at "verifying lib: ..."

    Hello all,

    I have the following problem.
    I have a Mirth 3.10.1 with AdoptOpenJDK 11 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. Since Java Webstart is deprecated, I am using the Administrator Launcher version 1.2.0.

    If I don't have custom extents installed, the launcher starts relatively fast.
    As soon as I install an own extention the launcher hangs for about 5 minutes at "verifying lib: ...".

    What can I do to make the launcher launched faster?

    I have already checked other forum posts, but they didn't help me:


    I hope someone can help me.

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    Try to explicitly clear Java cache.


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      The launcher has its own cache area since it has its own jre. Clear that one out.
      Diridium Technologies, Inc.


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        If it's only sticking after adding a custom extension, it is probably related to trying to verify that the certificate used to sign the libraries contained in that extension has not been revoked.


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          We've had this issue for well over a year. We support about several mirth environments that are all kubernetes up in Google Cloud. The administrator lives on a bastion host / reverse proxy. When I was setting the server up, it flew. From the time I'd click on the Launcher to the time I'd get to a login screen was about 5 seconds. As soon as I added other users to the bastion host (we've tried Windows 2016, Windows 2019, and Ubuntu 20.x) the machine comes to a crawl. CPU and Memory are barely isn't a resource issue. And, I can be the only person on the server (everyone logged out) and it still takes 10 minutes to get to the login screen. The ONLY thing that is different from when it was lighting quick to when it slowed down was adding additional users.


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            Probably caused by Mirth Connect Administrator launcher that is sending hundreds of OCSP HTTP requests (and some firewalls see these as attacks).

            Add the lines below to your hosts file (linux: /etc/hosts, Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts)

            # hosts file - Required for Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher on a server without internet connection (
            Nico Vannieuwenhuyze



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              nicovn that’s interesting. Have you confirmed it fixes the delay? Mostly curious If perhaps a bug or feature might be suggested to identify that condition and present a warning and bypass the check.
              Diridium Technologies, Inc.


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                nicovn, indeed an interesting approach but still several minutes of waiting time ... more and more Belgian hospitals are completely isolated - no internet access.

                So I completely abandoned MC Administrator Launcher. Try this:
                - download a portable Java 1.8 from
                - ask your Sys Admin to ship it over to your isolated server
                - cmd into ...\Java\bin
                - type javaws https://localhost:8443/webstart
                Should launch your MC Admin within a minute

                Feedback welcome ...


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                  discofris, thanks for the tip ! However we can't use this java_portable because this requires a (paying) Oracle license.
                  Nico Vannieuwenhuyze



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                    nicovn, oops forgot about that one ...


                    I've also been playing with OpenWebStart (formerly IcedTea-Web), it is like a JNLP launcher which uses your current (installed) JVM.
                    - Get it from
                    - Install it on your server (you can even make it portable, just copy C:\Program Files\OpenWebStart to your server)
                    - Launch "C:\Program Files\OpenWebStart\itw-settings.exe"
                    - Define your JVM (bring your own or use the one you installed for your MC)
                    - Apply these settings:
                    - Start MC Administrator with ..\OpenWebStart\javaws.exe https://localhost:8443/webstart
                    (only 2 confirmation boxes are shown)

                    Takes about a minute before I have my MC login window.

                    Curious about the licensing though ...
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