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Can we create or install any new connector type in Mirth?

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  • Can we create or install any new connector type in Mirth?

    Hi All,

    I am just curious that, is there a way we can create or install custom connector type inside mirth same like TCP sender, File writer etc.


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    Yes, it's possible. The connector types that come with Mirth are plugins themselves. There isn't really any good documentation on how to create them other than looking at how the others are implemented in the source code.


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      A wee note here is that you need to sign your connector with the Mirth certificate. Otherwise you have to rebuild the entire Mirth from the source.


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        Why is that? I thought it just needed to be signed by a trusted certificate for the client component.


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          Thanks every one for your quick response. So I am looking for this answer because of a new task assigned to me, where I have to put the blob data from a FTP location to Microsoft azure blob container. Right now I am to do this by mirth but every thing is hard coded inside mirth code, e.g. azure account details, key details & FTP path etc. I want to know that is there any plugin or custom connector type which I can use to configure all these details in an easy manner. Just like we do for File Writer or TCP sender connector type.


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            Typically, you can assign all those values to local variables at the top of your javascript writer so that they are easy to see and change.

            As with a File Writer or TCP sender, you can store the credentials and connection properties in the configurationMap and read those values into your local variables if you don't want to define them in the channel itself.