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Mirth service has high and abnormal CPU usage

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  • Mirth service has high and abnormal CPU usage

    Hello, we have a high CPU usage issue by the mcservice.exe Mirth service.
    The installed version of Mirth Connect is 3.7.1.
    At start-up and for a few days, the mcservice.exe service remains constant around 0% despite a high number of HL7 messages managed by about 10 channels between input and output.
    What happens is that suddenly the CPU used by mcservice.exe rises to 30% or 50% up to 90% and remains constant at that level even stopping all channels.
    The only solution left is to restart the service.
    Mirth's log recorded a few dozen errors related to a channel with an HL7 TCP listener in keep open connection mode:
    "com.mirth.connect.connectors.tcp.TcpReceiver: Error receiving message (TCP Listener "Source" on channel ab23da21-2038-435e-9b84-2090e689f3f1).
    com.mirth.connect.model.transmission.framemode.Fra meStreamHandlerException: Start of message byte (<VT>) not detected. First byte received: <NUL>"
    Could there be a relationship between these errors and the abnormal CPU behavior for the mcservice.exe service?
    Has anyone had a similar CPU problem?
    Thanks so much

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    Most of time I have seen that it is an outside process (scanning, etc.) that is causing a random spike like that - either on your db engine or the mirth server itself.
    Diridium Technologies, Inc.


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      Thanks for your answer.
      In this case it might be a solution to configure the connections to the TCP listener in keep connection open = No?