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  • Receive ACK on different port

    I have one application who is sending HL7 message on port 12345. My mirth channel 1 is setup with TCP listener and sending out on Port 12346. The LIS reply back with commit level ACK (CA/CE) on the same port but the Application level ACK (AA/AE) is sent on the different port (2222). Te LIS also expects CA/CE message for the ACK. I am stuck where am not able to send the AA/AE to the pot 12345 (Original port) as the application have open connection with Mirth on port 12345.

    In short:

    Working part
    App1 (send on 12345) --> Mirth CH1 --> Send on 12346 (Lis) --> Reply CA/CE --> forward to App1

    Need help with part in red

    LIS (AA/AE) send on 2222 --> Mirth CH2 --> Forward to 12345 --> received CA/CE from App 1 --> Forward to LIS on port 2222

    Can someone point me how can i achieve this? I have attached a flow diagram if my wording is not clear.

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    In connector TCP Listener there is an option named response to another destination, something like that.
    Give it a try and test it. I guess is what you are looking for.
    Best Regards,
    Alex Neiva


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      Hi, AlezNeiva thanks for the reply that option doesn't seem to be working for me unless and if I am doing something wrong.

      To make sure you mean to use the "Respond on new connection" option correct? it's available when you create the source with TCP listener.