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JavaScript string methods in Rhino 1.7.12

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  • JavaScript string methods in Rhino 1.7.12

    Is there a complete list of JavaScript string methods that are supported in the rhino 1.7.12 that is in Mirth Connect 3.10.1? The sticky topic Mirth tools: user defined functions contains a number of useful things like trim() and endsWith() which are now defined by the ECMAScript standard. Somebody posted a link to a page in the Mozilla Rhino website which contains a large list of things supported and not supported by various versions of Rhino. It only lists support for ECMAScript 2015 and later, so has no info for trim(), and is deficient in listing string methods.

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    I believe almost everything prior to ES2015 is supported in Rhino, which I think it why it starts there. It looks like pretty much all string methods are available in 1.7.12.

    I think these are from the link you mentioned in your post

    Here's the actual source code where the String.prototype methods are declared: