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removing a segment before relaying to another destination

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    I suspect it's the data types. Feel free to upload the channel if they're set like below and it's still not working.



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      Hard to tell from the samples because I don't know if they were affected by copy/paste, but it's possible that the line breaks in the OBX segments differ from the segment delimiter. The segment delimiter is \r, and if the OBX segments use \n, I think it's technically not bad data. In the sample hl7 file all of the line breaks are \r\n, but that could have come from pasting on a windows machine. If it really is using different line endings for different purposes, you will want to make sure that "convert line breaks" is not checked in the hl7 data type properties.

      If they are really coming over with \r\n as the segment delimiter instead of \r, then you will most definitely want to keep that option checked, because that is not standard hl7.


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        Maybe OP can post a screenshot from Mirth of original source data. It would be helpful to me to know if it's valid.
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          In the mirth message browser, you can right-click in the content area and select "Show Line Endings."


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            Hey everyone, I will provide an update this evening. Had some Go-Lives for some clients that took my attention for a few days. I will read through everything and get everyone everything they asked for and provide some more details after some more testing tonight.