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If a destination is retried, does the filter execute again?

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  • If a destination is retried, does the filter execute again?

    I've got two channels that send to two different mllp interfaces. Messages flowing through each channel have a requisition ID. One of the channels should not send the message out if the other channel has already sent a message with the same requisition number.

    To do this, we are going to maintain a database with the last weeks worth of requisition numbers. something in each channel will insert a record if it doesn't exist in the db and one of the channels will only send if the record doesn't already exist.

    I think the best place to do this is the destination filter as long as I can guarantee that the filter executes even if the destination is retried either automatically or manually. Is that something that Mirth will do, execute the filter on a retry of the destination?

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    On a manual reprocess, both the source and destination filters will run again.

    On a retry from the destination queue, it depends on your queue settings. In the Advanced queue settings, if you enable "regenerate template" and "include filter/transformer" then it will run the filter again when retrying queued messages. By default it will not run the filter a second time.