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Upgrading from 3.4 to 3.10

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  • Upgrading from 3.4 to 3.10


    We have neglected our Mirth upgrading for far too long and now we want to upgrade from v.3.4 to the new version available, which is also going to include us upgrade from Java 8 to Java 11. We needed to do it for awhile now, but its good because we want to use SMB3+, which was just recently introduced to Mirth not too long ago.

    We have many channels on this Mirth instance, but almost all of them are just using basic Mirth built in functions and some regular java/javascript stuff going on in the transformers and various code snippets from this forum. We do not have any custom libraries or jar's or anything like that and haven't manipulated any of the Mirth configuration files, other then setting a larger heap space via the Server manager.

    Should I be nervous upgrading from 3.4 directly to 3.10, along with a Java upgrade, and worry about it going wrong somehow or is it pretty straightforward and since I use Mirth for basic stuff, I don't need to worry about any of my channels not breaking or Mirth not starting?

    I am planning on taking backups of everything beforehand(settings export, channel export, etc), but I don't know if there is anything else I am missing or if I am being paranoid.

    Thank you,

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    The upgrade's smoothness varies. I've had a couple of great upgrades, buttery, everything just works. But I've also had an upgrade so unsuccessful that it needed a new vm.

    I would suggest you not use the installer to upgrade, but create a new clean install and switch over when you're ready. I don't know exactly how the installer works, but I've had problems with my now arch nemesis, Java certificates.

    But all in all, if you take backups and snapshots just to be sure, it should go smoothly,


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      I would echo what CreepySheep said. I never do an in place upgrade - rather I install (actually I use the tar.gz, I never use the installer) mirth to a new directory or new VM and do a full export/import to the new engine. This allows you to migrate slowly and revert if there is a catastrophe.
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        In my experience, skipping version upgrades is problematic. I would take the time to upgrade to each minor version. 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, etc.


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        Appliance Version 3.11.4
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        Java 8 (64 bit) Version 1.8.0_181-b13
        PostgreSQL Version 9.6.8


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          Thank you for the replies, everyone. I am happy to report that the upgrade went smoothly, took about 10 minutes, and everything is running normally.

          For those wondering, I just decided to go full-blast and upgrade to the latest versions of Mirth and Java at the same time. Was a little nervous, but it went well. Luckily, this instance of Mirth wasn't doing anything crazy, just using normal Mirth processes and javascript, but if I were to be upgrading a box with a lot of more complex uses, like custom Java, etc., I probably would have followed your advice and took a more careful approach.