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How to give multiple source directories for a single channel

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  • How to give multiple source directories for a single channel

    Hi team,

    Could you please help if there is any option of giving multiple input directories as source to single channel.

    Ex:- I have developed a channel and would like to configure this channel to process the files that are pushed to multiple directories (one directory for each trading partner) .

    Please suggest.

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    You are not providing enough detail. If you are attempting to “rotate” the
    location to poll to check for files there is an open enhancement request for this. Of course from an operating system perspective lots of things are possible if those files arrive to file systems you control. Since mirth can recursively read directories, with correct file system configuration this is trivial. For example the remote user might place files in a chroot directory named for them but mirth reads from that same file system up a level in that directory tree. Obviously the directories need to be names appropriately such that you can determine the client from the directory name.

    Maybe detail your exact use case more.
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      I would also recommend searching the forums. There are already a lot of posts on reading files from folders. Review the User Api docs on FileUtil


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        kirbykn2 is also correct. I assumed a standard file reader. There are many options if you don’t use the standard file reader.
        Diridium Technologies, Inc.


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          Thank you very much pacmano & @kirbykn2 for the responses.

          I will give some additional information.

          Description:- We are trying to migrate our EDI jobs from IBM ITX to Nextgen connect. In the existing process, we have a transformation component built as Map and that single map is deployed to runtime engine and we are calling this map for various Trading Partners (Vendors) etc through TWS schedule.
          We are trying to reengineer this usecase into Nextgen connect. One design that came to our mind is that
          1) Build transformation logic into one Channel
          2) Build one Pre-processing channel for each Trading Partner and call the Transformation Channel through Channel Writer. This Pre-processing channel will monitor different directories on different servers and pick the file and push it to main transformation channel.

          Could you please suggest the better approaches in the above scenario.

          Thanks in advance.


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            The easiest way would probably be to create a folder and within this folder a share for each directory you are polling data from. That way you could use a standard file reader connector with having "Include all Subdirectories" enabled.