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Seeing the same Raw message over and over

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  • Seeing the same Raw message over and over

    I am new to Mirth, setting up a test channel so I can learn how to filter and transform some HL7 data. All was going well and I was able to manipulate the messages but I am now stuck with seeing the same message over and over, even though I am pasting different message examples into the channel, or even sending one using TCP to my source port.

    I'm, searching the forum, and reading the 3.6 user guide and not finding much. I cleared my java cache, restarted the db. I am running 3.6 with postgres on Win7 for my testing.

    my source says status transformed and shows the new message as raw
    but looking at transformed /rencoded it is the reappearing message

    my destination (file writer) status is sent and it is all the same reappearing message.

    Thanks for any help, or point me to any educational resources.

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    It's likely outputting your outbound template. If you are making manipulations to your inbound message directly, you don't need to set an outbound template.

    When you don't use an outbound template, your "transformed" content will be the contents of the msg variable at the end of your transformer. When you do use a template, the transformed content will be the contents of the tmp variable. tmp is initialized from your outbound template (so you can consider those as default values.)


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      Thanks for the help.
      When I try to omit the template in my destination I get an error, maybe my selections are off - or what should I be using here?

      File type is text
      Encoding: default
      Template: should this just be blank?