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Question about ACK-Messages

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  • Question about ACK-Messages

    Hello everyone,

    I have the following situation:

    I have a database channel that generates HL7-Messages using information from the DB. In its postprocessor-script the channel should make an update in order to mark the data as sent after sending a message. Do you know which solution is better?
    -To wait for acknoledgement from the receiver of the message and than make the update (dangerous, cause while waiting long for an ACK, the message could be generated twice or more times)


    -TO update without waiting for the ACK (also dangerous, because the message may not be sent and nevertheless the update will be executed)

    Is there another way to solve the problem (with "use transactional endpoints" checked or so).

    Thanks for any advice!


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    Re:Question about ACK-Messages

    AFAIK, the "transactional endpoints" flag applies only to endpoints supporting the 2PC protocol, and I guess you're using a LLP sender.

    Can you give some extra details about what kind of destinations are using ?

    Depending on this, I think that your best bet is checking the destination status from the postprocessor script and then, from the same postprocessor execute the update statement. If you're using more than one destination, you can use the "syncronize" option to ensure that the destinations are executed in order.

    This can change depending on what kind of connectors are you using, because some of them provide extra funcionality. I think that you should define also the timeout value
    to wait the ACK response and use it from the destination itself.


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      Re:Question about ACK-Messages

      Thanks for your reply quimicefa,

      here's my channel. I hope you can help me if you have a little bit time.

      Svetlomir SENDERTASK_EBM-f59fb09366d4c77c6013fa3ba7fa0c03.xml (7933 bytes)