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ADT_01 segment in transform of A04 Message

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  • ADT_01 segment in transform of A04 Message

    I receive an ADT-A04 message which has an additional undefined HL7 segment ZPM.

    I am using Mirth version 1.6 with the strict parser ( I need the strict parser)

    However when Mirth transforms this message it nests the ZPM segment beneath an ADT_01.Procedure segment even though the message type and Event type is ADT-A04.

    Has anyone any ideas why Mirth should transform this as such or seen this before?

    I've attached a text file with the sample HL7 A04 message and the xml transformation that Mirth applies.

    Many thanks
    Robin SampleA04Message_withZPMsegment.txt (3446 bytes)