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Cosmos db driver & connection?

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  • Cosmos db driver & connection?

    How to connect from Mirth to Cosmosdb and which drivers need to load or import ? Advise with Sample connection string/program for cosmodb

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    I am guessing that by cosmosdb you mean the Azure Cosmos DB.

    There is a Azure Cosmos DB jar located here

    You need to add that into the custom-lib folder and start from there.

    The documentation shall point you to how to start with cosmos.
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      In depth instructions

      I went through this. If you are looking for something a bit more in depth than being pointed towards the JAR, try this:

      If you are reticent to using the SDK, you can also use the CosmosDB REST API. I would not recommend it. It is very rough around the edges and has plenty of undocumented quirks to it. I also wrote up something on this, since I tried this first and wasn't quite satisfied with my outcomes: