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two channels TCP listener on the same port?

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  • two channels TCP listener on the same port?

    Hello everybody
    I was wondering if there is a way to have two channels TCP listener on the same port (if I specify a specific interface in the listener settings ). I guess the answer is no.
    My problem : a RIS source is sending on the same port HL7 adt, HL7 orm and HL7 oru messages. I have to send the HL7 adt message to 5 different destinations, and the HL7 orm and oru to 2 different destinations.

    One solution I was thinking is (see image)

    Do you think I can do it in a production environment ?
    (I have for example 100 000 adt messages/year)
    Thanks for your help
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    I would do what is shown on the screenshot. If you are stuck anywhere, connect with us on mirth slack channel for help!
    HL7v2.7 Certified Control Specialist!


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      OK, thanks !


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        As @siddharth said, I agree on what the image is showing.
        I have one channel in production that received more than 7000 ADT per day and works perfectly.
        You need to check the Source and Destination properties in order to achieve maximum performance.
        Best Regards,
        Alex Neiva


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          I also agree with the workflow in the image. Modify the DestinationSet in the source transformer of Channel A rather than using filters on your destinations. There is a transformer step type for this in mirth 3.5+. If you are at a lower version, it is still simple to do in javascript.