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Web admin page customization?

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  • Web admin page customization?

    I have flat files on the server that act as data maps.
    It would be great if I could give users access to those maps through a web form.
    I would love to serve that web form from the server.
    So is it possible to do any customization to the webadmin page or to add pages to that interface.
    And, if not, does anyone have a suggestion on as to how to proceed.
    Do I have to install apache on the same machine, or is there an easier way.
    Any ideas or feedback are welcome.
    And thank you

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    Got my answer on the Slack channel
    Use HTTP Listener's Static Resources



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      can you please explain how you manage that?
      I'm trying to use that but not able to load css or js files that are being imported in the HTML page!

      Thank you
      Best Regards,
      Alex Neiva


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        I just made a simple html page linked to a separate css file, and it served both files for me.


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          You put both html and css files in same folder and then in Static Resources you just put the physical path of html page? You choose File or Directory?

          Thank you
          Best Regards,
          Alex Neiva


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            I tested it initially with Custom, and copy/pasted the source directly into mirth.

            When I try to put both files in the same directory it does not work because it's sending the css file with the wrong mime type.

            When I specify them as individual files with the correct mime type they work.

            I suggest only using Directory when all of the contained files use the same mime type.


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              Can you please "show" me/describe how you do it please? In your Mirth Channel what you put in the Static Resource area...

              I will thank you a lot.

              Thank you
              Best Regards,
              Alex Neiva


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                I too am stuck on this.
                I can't seem to get a page to load in the browser.
                If I could just get to that point, I could probably hack the rest.

                If I can't figure out how to do it in mirth, I'll just install apache, though I'd rather not.


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                  See screenshot.

                  I have to explicitly specify http://mirthhost/index.htm. It doesn't auto-redirect to index.htm.
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                    thank you... i understand how it is done now! i thought that putting as directory it loads everything but now i know how to do it.
                    Thanks a lot for the example.
                    Best Regards,
                    Alex Neiva


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                      You could use Directory if you wanted to, for example, have a /js dir where you put all of your javascript files. Or a /css dir where you place all of your stylesheets. Web browsers seem to not like it when you use the wrong mime type, and mirth doesn't appear to give a way in static resources to set it by file extension.


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                        Any idea how I could have a page that is loaded with images from a specific directory?
                        I know how to do it with a php script, but I would have to install apache and php and serve these pages on the mirth box, which I'd rather not, even if it were permitted, which it probably isn't.
                        I have stats piped to csv and auto generate graphs as png files.
                        I would like to have a page on the server with all of the graphs on it.

                        Any ideas?
                        And thanks in advance!


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                          As an example, you can set up a static resource with
                          Context Path: /png
                          Resource Type: Directory
                          Value: /path/to/your/png/files
                          Context Type: image/png
                          That should allow you to use the images in your html. Whether you'll be able to use a static html page or have to dynamically generate it depends on how you're naming your png files (always the same or changing?)


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                            i still want to explore a 'purely mirth' solution for this in the future, but I just wasn't able to make the web interface work for me like a web server.
                            I wound up using the scaled-down built-in server from php.
                            It's a cheat, but it's doing the job, and I don't have to muck around when I add pages or images to it.