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    I found out that you have polling settings but only for Sources which are "readers" like the database reader or a javascript reader. My question is, is it possible to do polling with a TCP listener? I want to communicate with laboratory devices and therefore I need the TCP listener. I also thought of making an extra Channel with a JS reader and a TCP writer to do the polling and it works but to handle the upcoming information i need to send something like a counter to the other channel to know on what message i have to respond. Is it possible to share variables through Channels?

    Thank you so much for your help!


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    I suspect if you are communicating with lab devices that those devices use the ASTM protocol. Mirth has an extension to do that, it is a licensed plugin and does not come with the free version of Mirth.

    TCP itself doesn't define the protocol that lab instruments use to relay data, so creating that yourself is a lengthy task. Also, TCP alone wouldn't tell the end device to respond (effectively in plain terms, you have to "ask" something of a thing to have that thing respond via some format. And it must recognize your "ask"). There is the concept of subscribing to things of course, but you still have to understand the way in which things are put in TCP/IP in order to decipher them.

    You can share variables across channels using globalMap.put and globalMap.get.
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