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Destination MLLP Server mode

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  • Destination MLLP Server mode

    I'm just wondering how does the MLLP Server mode works in the Destination. Does it truly able to receive anything and on what port?

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    It is a destination that other engines subscribe to, webhook'ish.
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      It's for when the remote end is behaving like a Mirth TCP Listener in Client mode.

      Some devices want to initiate a connection and then listen for incoming messages.

      Like pacmano suggested, if you have multiple subscribers, you can "broadcast" messages to all of them at once.

      From the user guide:
      Client: The TCP Sender will initiate new connections outbound to a remote server, and then send messages outbound on that connection.
      Server: The TCP Sender will open a server socket and listen for incoming connections. If queuing is enabled, messages will continue to queue until at least one connection has been established, at which point the messages will be sent to all currently connected client connections.


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        Good to know, thank you both.