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Accessing Derby DB: XSLAE Error - Control File

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  • Accessing Derby DB: XSLAE Error - Control File

    This is a new one for me; hoping there's someone out there that's seen this before with Apache Derby and can provide some guidance.

    Using Squirrel SQL, I've navigated tables in the past and reset passwords without an issue. Any updates required MIRTH to be brought down, but that wasn't a problem. Now, however, I'm receiving an error when attempting to connect to the database:

    ERROR XSLAE: Control file at ...\appdata\mirthdb\log\log.ctrl cannot be written or updated.

    Anyone know what might cause this? Can still access Derby just fine with Mirth running. It doesn't appear to be a file-permission or location issue. Just can't access the control file from Squirrel.


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    Resolved: Local Administrator Privileges / Filesystem

    Credit to Tony G. (@agermano) on Slack for the quick answer.

    Since the Derby instance was local and run from a local Squirrel SQL, the account needed administrative privileges to access/write to the control file. This Mirth Connect instance is hosted on Windows Server 2012r2. While the account used was an administrator, Squirrell SQL was not run with the flag set by default.

    Solution: Run Squirrel SQL with elevated privileges. ("Run As Administrator" on Windows O/S or "sudo" in Linux.)