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Move part of OBX field to new OBX segment

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  • Move part of OBX field to new OBX segment

    OBX|1|ST|45^NIBP S/D^MNDRY||159/87 (70)|266016^MDC_DIM_MMHG^MDC|||||R|||2018042512454 4-0500|||^APERIODIC|H068CA6X

    Would like to figure out how to move the 70 from OBX5 to a new OBX segment.

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    Not exactly sure what you mean. You want it to look like this?

    OBX|1|ST|45^NIBP S/D^MNDRY||159/87|266016^MDC_DIM_MMHG^MDC|||||R|||2018042512454 4-0500|||^APERIODIC|H068CA6X
    OBX|2|ST|45^NIBP S/D^MNDRY||70|266016^MDC_DIM_MMHG^MDC|||||R|||2018042512454 4-0500|||^APERIODIC|H068CA6X
    Do your messages contain multiple OBX segments to which you need to do this (or something else?)


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      Basically yes...this is how I want it to look. Sometimes there are multiple OBX segments and sometimes only 1. The gateway will sometimes only send the blood pressure, while sometimes it will send a pulse ox and co2.


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        Some additional input and output examples would be helpful. You're not being very descriptive in what you're trying to accomplish. How are they expected to look when there are multiple OBX segments in the original message?


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          Okay, sorry I wasn't descriptive enough. I was still gathering information. It looks like all of the NIBP messages come alone. See following...

          OBR|1|172016^MINDRAY_EGATEWAY^00A037E564d00036^EUI-64|172016^MINDRAY_EGATEWAY^00A037E564d00036^EUI-64|69952^MDC_DEV_MON_PT_PHYSIO_MULTI_PARAM^MDC|||2 0180427101136-0500|
          OBX|1|ST|45^NIBP S/D^MNDRY||100/33|266016^MDC_DIM_MMHG^MDC|||||R|||20180427101136-0500|||^APERIODIC|H068C3BX^^^DNS|

          OBR|1|171906^MINDRAY_EGATEWAY^00A037E564d00036^EUI-64|171906^MINDRAY_EGATEWAY^00A037E564d00036^EUI-64|69952^MDC_DEV_MON_PT_PHYSIO_MULTI_PARAM^MDC|||2 0180427095648-0500|
          OBX|1|ST|45^NIBP S/D^MNDRY||95/25|266016^MDC_DIM_MMHG^MDC|||||R|||20180427095648-0500|||^APERIODIC|H068C3BX^^^DNS|

          I left out the MSH and PID segments. As noticed in OBX5.1 the blood pressure reads as "#/#"

          We want them to send us the MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) also, which will look like the following.

          OBR|1|171906^MINDRAY_EGATEWAY^00A037E564d00036^EUI-64|171906^MINDRAY_EGATEWAY^00A037E564d00036^EUI-64|69952^MDC_DEV_MON_PT_PHYSIO_MULTI_PARAM^MDC|||2 0180427095648-0500|
          OBX|1|ST|45^NIBP S/D^MNDRY||95/25 (70)|266016^MDC_DIM_MMHG^MDC|||||R|||2018042709564 8-0500|||^APERIODIC|H068C3BX^^^DNS|

          "#/# (#)"

          I need to move the MAP so a second OBX segment. It would need a different code also. So the original messages send code "45" in OBX3.1. I will need to set a static code and move the MAP to the second OBX segment. Something like this...

          OBX|1|ST|45^NIBP S/D^MNDRY||95/25|266016^MDC_DIM_MMHG^MDC|||||R|||20180427095648-0500|||^APERIODIC|H068C3BX^^^DNS|OBX|2| ST|47^NIBP S/D^MNDRY||70|266016^MDC_DIM_MMHG^MDC|||||R|||201804 27095648-0500|||^APERIODIC|H068C3BX^^^DNS|