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SFTP connection with Mirth Service Account

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  • SFTP connection with Mirth Service Account

    I have a SFTP connection that is reading files from an external SFTP server. I have put in the appropriate username and password into the configuration. The connection works properly is I am running the Mirth Connect Service as a Local System account, but it does not work if I use a different account. However I need the service to run as a different account because of connections to local file shares. Why does the service account matter if I put in the proper username and password in the SFTP configuration on the Source tab? Is there anyway to fix this issue?

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    It's most likely some missing permission somewhere. Are you getting any errors?


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      I am not getting any errors but when I try the test Test Read it just keeps trying the connection. If I change the Mirth Connect service to use the local system account to start then it will work fine, but if I switch the service to use a domain account, then the SFTP will not work, even though I have the same username and password in the SFTP file reader configuration.
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        Include the domain name (if you haven't already) in the username field:

        i.e. WXYZ\username