Hi I am using mirth engine to communicate between sql server db and paradox db. I have list of ids from a mssql table and for those Ids I have to grab results(columns) from paradox db and update them back in the mssql table.

I would like to proceed this way. Can you guys suggest me whether it is the best option available?

Initially I created a channel "Sender" which sends the list of ids (UNABLE TO EXECUTE USING STORE PROCEDURE AND JAVASCRIPT IN MIRTH) from MSSQL. And I will create a destination channel "Receiver" which gets the results from Paradox DB for those ids.


1) How do I execute the sp in channel "sender" and pass those ids to the "Receiver" and how do I get the results from the paradox db and update them back to MSSQL DB.

Is there an example or a guideline to do this? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You