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Mirth and Windows Authentication

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  • Mirth and Windows Authentication

    I am trying to get Mirth to work with Windows Authentication as the facility wants additional security.

    I have tried using the domain name and computer name and have added ntlmauth.dll to the Windows path where Mirth exists.

    Does anyone have the exact Database URL necessary for the database and any other hints necessary to make this work?

    This is the string I am presently using:


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    Well First of all you need to download the JDBC driver

    this is a zip file which contains the sqljdbc_auth.dll and a sqljdbc42.jar file.
    in order for this to work I put the sqljdbc_auth.dll in the bin directory of the java runtime. and the jar file in the %mirth installation folder%/server-lib/database
    then in the %mirth installation folder%/conf there is a dbdriver.xml and add this line to it
    <driver class="" template="jdbc:sqlserver://servername;instanceName=instnm;databaseName=dbName;integratedSecurity=true;" name="SQL Server 2016" selectLimit="SELECT TOP 1 * FROM ?" />
    and in the mirth.porperties file you need to configure the database.url and database.driver

    database.url = jdbc:sqlserver:servername;instanceName=instance;databaseName=dbname;integratedSecurity=true;
    # if using a custom driver, specify it here
    database.driver =
    make sure that the mirth service is running with an account that has enough permissions (we use a service account for this.)

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      I am not sure the above will work as I am employing jtds.dll. The documentation I read said to use ntlmauth.dll with jtds.
      Also I am not sure why I have to change the Mirth Properties file - can't I just make the appropriate URL change in Server Manager?

      Where do I check on the permissions for the account running Mirth Service?


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        Assuming that you are running Mirth on a Windows machine, why want to use jtds.dll All our Mirth servers are running the way I described all windows authenticated.

        Yes I think You can use the Server manager (changing the file manually is my preffered way) The reason you need to change is when you want Mirth running her own database on a sqlserver windows authenticated.

        finally you can change the logon user of mirth by going to services look for the mirth connect service and rightclick properties and change the logon user with the preffered user.

        Kind regards

        Mirth Certified|Epic Bridges Certified|Cloverleaf Level 2 Certified