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    i'm using Mirth 3.5.1 and i just want to ask if we can use the Client API in Mirth itself...
    Using a HTTP Sender, can we invoke the REST services?
    I try to do that but with no luck! I get some SSL errors.

    Best Regards
    Best Regards,
    Alex Neiva

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    Yes you can use it. If you're using an HTTP Sender to invoke API (which has HTTPS protocol), then you need to import the certificate into the default Java truststore.


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      Were can i get the certificate?
      Best Regards,
      Alex Neiva


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        You can export it from your browser and then import in the Java truststore.


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          Is there any official documentation on the Client API and maybe some simple super secret squirrel channels that can be shared?

          That'd sure be great to get some of us started in using it.



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            I would recommend to only use the webservice api directyl from within mirth if you want to remotely access mirth instances of another version than the calling instance.

            If both are of the same version, I would strongly recommend using the mirth client instead (com.mirth.connect.client.core.Client). It encapsulates the calls to the mirth server and is much more convenient than using the webservice api directly.


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              Thx odo... makes perfect sense.

              I found some documentation that seems pretty neat. I don't know the rules of sharing this documentation I pulled off the success community... but if anyone has questions I'm sure I can point them in the right direction.

              I still haven't found any sample channels based on this... still looking around for that. I learn better by breaking things than reading.


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                Originally posted by SeanSpeer View Post
                I still haven't found any sample channels based on this
                If you are into Java, the best documentation probably is browsing the source code.

                If you need an example of how to use the mirth client class, you can find it in this thread.

                There is a code template which uses the mirth client for backing up remote mirth instances.


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                  This is awesome! I love browsing the code and learning how to do it that way. Excellent thread... I'll be looking at more of your posts too as I'm sure I can pull a lot of info from them.

                  I appreciate the help!