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  • HL7v3 into HL7v2

    i would like to transform a HL7v3 XML message into a HL7v2 message.

    My Channel looks like this:

    Summary -> Set Data Types
    Source Connector:
    -Inbound HL7 v3.x
    -Outbound HL7 v2.x

    Destination 1
    -Inbound HL7 v2.x
    -Outbound HL7 v2.x

    Source -> nothing special
    Destinations -> Template: ${message.encodedData}

    The converted message looks like this:
    POLB_IN224200UV01|templateId|id|creationTime|inter actionId|processingCode|processingModeCode|acceptA ckCode|receiver|device|id|sender|device|id|control ActProcess|code|languageCode|subject|observationBa ttery|id|code|statusCode|recordTarget|patient|id|p atientPerson|name|given|ANDRES FELIPEfamily|FERNANDEZ CORTESadministrativeGenderCode|birthTime|author|ti me|assignedEntity|assignedDevice|id|manufacturerMo delName|

    Do i need to build a Templatefile?
    If i need to build it, at which step (source or destination) i need to insert it?

    There is a tutorial that shows the other way around (hl7 to xml)
    Sadly, this steps don't seem to work in my direction.

    I appreciate any help and suggestions.

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    The tutorial you are pointing explains translation of the inbound HL7v2 message using default encoding (i.e., delimiter based formatting) into outbound HL7v2 XML- formatted message. The latter is defined by HL7 Version 2: XML Encoding Syntax specification, but Mirth encoding does not fully follow it unless you are using a strict parser mode. It’s an error where it says that the resulted message is HL7v3.

    The HL7v3 is completely different, RIM based, beast. There is no built-in automated solution to translate from v2 to v3 (and it should not be so since your v3 message is likely a constrained version with possible local extensions).
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      I just found out what to do.

      I received a XML template which i pasted into the "Message Templates" Source Transformer tab. I also got a v2 template for the "Outbound Message" field.

      My problem was that i didn't knew that i can connect the inbound Message Tree fields with the outbound tree fields.

      It works fine now


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        Can you post your channel?


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