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Mirth Connect Administrator and Apache Reverse Proxy

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  • Mirth Connect Administrator and Apache Reverse Proxy


    I am running mirthconnect ( behind an Apache reverse proxy. This mirthconnect is running on a machine with no Internet access on a private LAN ( Apache is reverse proxy'ing from an Internet host ( across the private LAN to the mirthconnect machine.

    If I try to load the Administrator by connecting to it will try to start, but never load, as the codebase and all jar files turn up as coming from the private LAN ( instead of the hostname I'm using to load the Administrator ( If I load a local copy of the Administrator from mirthconnect on my local machine, then log out (keeping Administrator loaded) I can log in to with no problem. The reverse proxy is working fine and forwards traffic, and the Administrator is working fine--it just won't load from the Internet based machine.

    The problem seems to be that the JNLP coming from the mirthconnect machine on the private LAN returns the private LAN IP for all the elements (codebase, etc.) to load instead of the hostname I'm using. I cannot find any configuration within mirthconnect where a hostname can be entered and be supplied to the JNLP.

    Does anyone know where the JNLP hostname information is configured so I can force it to tell the local Java the actual hostname to retrieve all components from?

    Thank you!

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    The .jnlp file is just XML. Maybe open it directly and see if that will fix your problem? If nothing else, you could pass the JNLP directly to anyone needing to connect?

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      Thanks. Yes, the JNLP contains two places ("<jnlp codebase=" and "<argument>" where the URL is defined. Editing those does get to the correct host, but looking at the Java log, the host is replying with locations of JAR files that are still on the private IP address.

      I assume something within mirthconnect that replies to the request to download all the code (JAR files) is using some canned hostname (possibly from the installation) to reply back with the private IP instead of the hostname required.