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Mirth - HTTP MIME sender issue (working fine in Postman)

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  • Mirth - HTTP MIME sender issue (working fine in Postman)

    I am trying to create http multipart form mime request in mirth but that's throwing 500 server error while the same request when I send in postman I am getting success response.In mirth I am adding multiple query parameters and I don't have any content other than that since mirth will throw error I am sending empty quotes('')

    content-type : Multipart/form-data

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    I think this is because of data mismatch between what is being sent by POSTMAN and Mirth.

    Try to use logger to see what is being sent, as a complete request from Mirth. Multiparts have 2 different bodies in it, seperated by a boundary element. Compare Mirth Result with what POSTMAN is sending and analyse the results.
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